About Me

I am a made-in-Singapore-girl, now living in Germany with my husband and a red smooth-haired dachshund. Our two grown-up daughters live in central and northern Germany

Late 2014 I am leaving my lampworking behind, perhaps forever, perhaps for a while, I have no idea. Like my sewing machine that I have around the home but not constantly using it like in the past, my torch will be stored away, until the right spark kindles again.  

Lampworking began as a hobby in 2003. Later on, my husband and our friend, Mei, a glass fuser, both encouraged me to thinking of turning it into a full-time profession. To view more of my glass work, please visit my website http://www.doraschubert.com or simply follow me on this blog for "life beyond lampworking".

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Dora Schubert, Hauptstrasse 18-d, D-21465 Wentorf bei Hamburg, Germany. 
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