Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Knits!

I started this scarf 12 months ago and  it was the 2nd one I was knitting. I had knitted the same scarf with very colorful "leaves" (this scarf has black "leaves") which I have to my older daughter to use. Actually this scarf is for my younger daughter who wanted it in black and white. Instead of white, I chose cream instead and the black "leaves" are cotton instead of wool. And the result? I love the mix of yarns giving the scarf a slight texture!!

Anyway after knitting it halfway I got fed up with the amount of tails I had to weave in. I was weaving in the tails as I was knitting but somehow the cotton yarn makes the weaving in very bulky and I was bothered by the way the reverse side looked. So, I put the scarf aside till this month when I was going thorough my knitting basket and discovered the incomplete scarf. Yup, it only needs to take something silly like weaving in tails constantly and bulky looking weaving to stop me cold from finishing any project. 

Oh, guess who ended up with the scarf? Me, of course!! My daughter has, given up on me and in the meantime, bought other scarves to use.  


la mar de bonita said...

Lucky you ... ;0)... it's a fine pattern, it will work with so many clothes ....! :0)

Dora Schubert said...

Thanks, and yes, it's a lovely and easy pattern!