Monday, December 1, 2014

Taking Shape...

Wire-woven pods

Empty pods, fresh water pearl-filled pods, Delica-woven pods
That's how big my pods are

As mentioned in my last blog, I'd share with you my wire-weaving - not sure if this is the right term to use? - if indeed, it is the wrong term or technique, please let me know!

I adore using dark annealed steel wire - I learned about this wire about a decade ago in the US and simply love using it. You can buy this in any hardware store there, but not in Germany. It took me ages to figure out where to purchase this wire here - nope, they don't sell it at the DIY hardware stores here at all - guess where, it's available with the jewellery making suppliers. Duh...I hadn't made the connection that that's the wire used to bind e.g. silver pieces together for soldering... Yeah, I was buying them in the US whenever I was there and carrying them back to Germany. Double duh...

I don't know if it is at all possible to solder this wire at all, so I make loops at the joints, which is not as sturdy as I like them to be. I "tie" these joints with waste wire as tight as I can without distorting the structure. I know that when I move onto using silver wire, I can solder them and not have to worry about anything shift during the weaving.

Right now, I'm using 1mm wire for the structure and 0.5mm to weave. I haven't figured out how much 0.5mm wire is need for the weaving so I cut a length that I can deal with (without it hitting my face ouch! each time I pull the wire through). I am learning to hide the ends and beginnings of where the waeving-wire stops. Wire stretches nicely and is a wonderfully forgiving material. It allows you to frog gracefully.

I've woven with seed beads (the Delicas from Miyuki are great to weave with) and I quite like the added texture it lends to the wire. I've filled one pod with fresh water pearls - my daughter says it looks very Christmas-y - hmm... I might have put in too many pearls. I do like the "empty" pods. 

I've tried out weaving cubes too but the structures (the little suckers...) do not like being bent into a cube during the weaving process. I, the greenhorn, reckon, the cube structure has to be fully constructed before the weaving can commence. As with anything else, the bigger the structure is, the easier it is to weave. However, I confess, there's the kick to making the smaller pods. They are cuter too.

What, you might like to know, do I want to make with these pods? Ahhh...ambitions dwell on a 18" or 20" neckpiece and matching bracelet out of it. Sobriety, on the other, recommends an easier task to accomplish, say, a pendant and a pair of earrings.