Thursday, September 4, 2014

Where have I been to?

Ever have been down that road when one ever so significant event changes your life totally? This year began with a family emergency and it's affected my entire life. I still have a nasty mess on my hands but you know what, I have to move on - if not a lot, then at least just a little - to keep myself sane. I am trying my best to continue working where I last left off with my glass beads, my dog and of course my family.

Anyway, it's been difficult trying to concentrate on making beads (or updating my blog) till I came to terms with the emergency situation recently. Once that happened, I found myself able to concentrate better at the torch. And yes, I'm ready to update my blog regularly too.

I admit, I no longer torch as many crazy hours as before - too many things to do besides torching. I  started to crochet and knit - both self-taught - during the sabbatical period. Now, I'm working on a crochet flower blanket. Perhaps when the blanket has reached a substantial size, I'll post it on my blog.

Meantime, stay healthy and happy and hey, say something beautiful to your loved ones.