Monday, February 3, 2014

Bottled Salad or Salad-In-A-Jar

Salad-in-a-jar, an idea that I saw on the internet
A couple of weeks ago, someone posted on Facebook about "Salads-in-a-jar" which I immediately began making for my husband and me - I thought it is a fabulous idea which has been proven by many that it stays crisp and fresh for the entire week. Ever since our daughters have moved out, it has been less motivating to cook for myself especially at lunchtime. My husband is at the office and I found it too tedious to cook for one. You know, there is always a minimum amount of work that is involved in cooking, whether you cook for one or for four persons. I'd skip lunch and we all know that isn't healthy and snacked instead (which again we know it's not healthy at all).

Anyway, I am so delighted with the results - the greens stayed absolutely crisp and fresh right to last jar of salad on the 5th/6th day - and hope to encourage many others to try out this incredible healthy eating habit. Sure, it's a lot of work for the prepping day, but that's just it, only one day of the week is used for prepping. Plus, you can add all kinds of cooked food into your salads as well which usually takes little effort to say grill a small piece of fish in the oven on the day itself.

This week, my salads contain wild rice and cooked potatoes - let me tell you, I was full with it. It is a complete meal when you add these two ingredients to your salads. I use a 500ml or pint sized preserving jar.

Anyway let's move on to some new glass cabochon toppers I just made. Here are three new ones, mind you they are getting larger each time I make them. I like them large - big is beautiful! And, I am stuck on this light transparent aqua colour ever get stuck on a particular set of colours and never want to use anything else for weeks without end? Oh well, I guess I will have to figure out another set of colours that will become my passion for the next batch of cabochons.

Blue Minimalist on Etsy

Kornblume II on Etsy soon...

Ice Blue on Etsy

Have a great week!!

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Sharon Driscoll said...

Beautiful cabs Dora and I am so down with the salad idea. I've been trying to make them daily which is so much prep and this just looks ideal. Thanks.