Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Colours - Are They Enticing?

Yup, still dotting around...Perhaps this time with my new phase of lampwork, I might concentrate on working designs with dots and perhaps less with stringer designs. Though, who knows, I might just mosey back to stringer work the next time I turn on my torch. Here are a couple of my interchangeable glass cabochon toppers (suitable for the RingDing Systems) - they all have insert nuts fused onto the glass on the reverse sides. Most of them are available on Etsy - please find my link on the right-side of this blog to view the Etsy items.

So, am I one of those who keep falling in love with new glass colours? Indeed when I first started lampworking, I couldn't wait to get my hands on new colours or colours which other lampworkers were hotly discussing about. Ahhh, we grow wiser as we age...nowadays I tend to stick with what I absolutely favour and not get too hot or crazy about "new" glass rods. Does that mean I have become boring? Now, that's something to ponder on, isn't it?!

No, I don't think I consider myself boring (hahaha!!!). I find it a challenge to use the colours I have on hand to come up with new colour combinations and make it work. Make "old" into "new". Recycle the colour combinations and come up with new or unimaginable combinations. Designs are far interesting to create than buying new colours (glass rods) any old day!

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