Thursday, November 21, 2013

Summer Vacation in Allgäu

This summer we had a fabulous and relaxing two-week vacation in Allgäu, German/Austrian Alps. The mountains border Germany and Austria. Breathtakingly beautiful area, daily trekking done in two weeks. Jenny, our year-old Dachshund then, refused to walk by the 7th day during one of our longer treks. Of course, we took turns to carry her, usually a five-minute pause in our arms was enough and she'd resume either trotting with us. 

She was leashed most of the time as her hard-wired genetics would have chased all the wild out of their homes and the mountains. Yes, no doubt she'll do the dachshund clans proud, if given the chance to prove her bloodline.

Do join me in my next blog where I will have a couple of new bead sets. Till then, let me share my impressions of the great German/Austrian Alps: