Sunday, December 29, 2013


I'm not complaining, just saying... that we're getting spring twice within this year in northern Germany. We definitely had a lovely fall so it makes up for this current miserable wet year-end winter (or spring).

A couple of weeks ago, I fell heads over heels with transparent light aqua glass and placed an immediate order for it - so seldom that I am out of light aqua. Ever have that situation when you are drawn to a colour so much so that you think of it day and night, dream about it in your sleep, can't wait for the glass package to arrive so that you can rip off the package to melt the rod into a bead right away? Well, yeah, that was exactly how I felt and what I did when the package arrived. Ok, I admit, I ordered several other coloured rods at the same time but hey, it was a totally sober order - i.e. very small order.

I am into light colours these days, don't know why. Wonder if getting older influences my choice of colours? Becoming mellow as I mature (diplomatic way of saying getting older...)? 

Anyway, I am still stuck on making glass cabochon toppers - I always have been passionate about making glass cabochons - remember my collaboration with E. Prior who set my cabochons into finished pieces? I simply love working with cabochons! Designs are complete on a cabochon, it makes me feel good when I'm done with it. 

Here is a small selection of my latest glass cabochon toppers (by the way, these cabochon toppers have an insert nut on the reverse side, suitable for use with the interchangeable jewellery system e.g. Silberwerk GmbH, German).

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and healthy new year. Enjoy the rest of 2013.

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Emma Cherry said...

The colours are beautiful Dora - no wonder you dreamed of them. Glad your back and making glass beads again, I could just look at your work all day long :)

(Dear Thirty)