Thursday, March 8, 2012

Very Official As Of Today

As of today, I am officially going on an indefinite sabbatical with my lampworking. It's been delightful for the past almost-nine years with my bead making, being to share my portfolio on the Internet with the entire world. As tough as it is to make this decision, I long to use other media to express my creativity and unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you want to view it) my glass bead making no longer generates that kick or challenge I, as a "thrill-seeker" (no pain, no gain...), look for whenever I sit at the torch.

This morning, my faithful old Nortel Minor was the first to be bubble-wrapped - yes, it was a humbling and emotional experience (though no tears shed, no, no, I have yet to humanize my torch) to wrap my baby in bubble pack!!! - she's been with me since the start of my lampworking. Exactly two weeks after I started with lampworking - I used a hothead during the first two weeks and was banished by my family to practice in the kitchen as the hothead was terribly loud - I bought my Nortel Minor (she is music to the ears after the hothead!). Then, about two years later, I began a three-to-four-year affair with a Lynx torch. Well, the Lynx was not as faithful as my Minor, he was high-maintenance and I hadn't taken enough care of him. What else can one expect from a fella??!! Before he dumped me totally, I dumped him first. Anyway, my dear Minor took over where the Lynx left off and she's been the main drive behind my beads for the past years.

I still have beads from past to present that I shall be listing for sale. I shan't disappear altogether for now. Who knows when the faithful Minor will emerge again. There is a possibility for the old to join in with the new adventures. I like to leave a gap and not close the door completely, but for now, it's time to concentrate on my new ventures.

I hope you will continue to join me on this blog for more updates on my new adventures. Thank you for being around and following my work - may I leave you with my new beads I made recently.