Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life Beyond Beadmaking

It's occurred to me this morning that mid of this year, it will be my ninth year in bead-making (aka lamp-working) and a few months ago, my older daughter who just turned 22 recently, commented that she finds it remarkable that I have been lamp-working for so long! After all, it did start off as a hobby.

I do admit, I have found other hobbies one to two years back which constantly distract me away from the studio. Several factors have contributed to the "slow-down" of my bead-making, the main contributing agent as I believe is, I have spent too many uncountable hours at the torch in the past eight-and-a-half years and possibly exhausting myself physically and mentally without knowing it or at least wanting to admit to the overdoing. I have sacrificed weekends, public holidays and the family while roaring to make beads. That's how driven I am in anything that sparks my interest.

The other influence is our dog, Sandy, who is turning 15 this May and he has become a full-time "maintenance" for the past year and a half. Walking the dog takes up to about 3-4 hours per day (it used to be one to two hours before) - he has obviously slowed down because of his age. By the time my errands (dog-walking, grocery-shopping, laundry, etc) are done, it is already early afternoon most days. When I begin to make beads at, say, 3pm, since that's usually when my daily responsibilities are tackled, it's time to feed the dog and take him out for his walk! So much for wanting to make beads! This routine is almost daily and let's be honest, by about 3pm, I am fresh out of energy for torching!

Anyway, these days I spend my time knitting and crocheting a lot. It has taken over my studio time, aren't I being bad?! My ongoing projects are keeping my fingers extremely busy but I can't begin to tell you how good I feel using my hands all the time.

A couple of beads I made in between the knitting and crocheting...hope you enjoy viewing my beads and have a great week! See you in my next update!