Monday, January 30, 2012

Changes Can Be Daunting

On Friday instead of just de-cluttering - by the way, you notice this (as in de-cluttering) is my favorite subject lately? - I decided to move things, as in furniture, around in the living room and studio. Oh boy. That was a major upheaval, totally exhausted with a sore back but the mess has been unmess-ed and it looks fab! Should have done this long ago. See, changes maybe daunting but once you cross over, it's well worth the try (and let's not forget the sore back and aching muscles). The side effects of getting older - notice how I used "getting older" and not "getting old"...

I have some new work I made, before the crazy pushing-and-shoving at home, to share with you. Mostly, glass toppers for rings or pendants. Again, all listed on Etsy - please see link on the right side of this blog if you are interested in purchasing.

By the way, I have closed my BigCartel account as I wasn't making enough beads to sell on several platforms - I am still very human, after all. I'm selling mainly on Etsy presently.

See you in my next update! In the meantime, have a wonderful creative week!