Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sol Lucet Omnibus - The Sun Shines For Everyone

Certainly I have waited long enough to update my blog and I admit, there are many distractions not only enabling but encouraging my absence from the torch. What with the discovery of knitting and crocheting - oh yes, I am finally getting domesticated! - I have been furiously churning out socks, mittens and caps as well as house slippers. It's definitely "learning by doing", thanks to the generous people out there, putting their skills on youTube, I have taught myself how to knit and crochet. I simply can't imagine my life without the internet anymore - it is one gigantic source of information.

It looks like winter has finally hit home though no snow in sight, i.e. up in northern Germany but oh boy, southern Germany is snowed in! Plenty of sunshine at the moment (with freezing temperatures) and that is one factor we (though we may not know know each other) share in common on this planet which is, the sun shines for everyone.

Anyway, here are some new glassy toppers from me. You will find them listed on Etsy (please find the link to my Etsy shop on the right side of this blog).

Till the next time, cheerio and enjoy the sun!