Thursday, September 15, 2011

Never Say Never Is Never Ever Never

I never thought that I will ever use dichroic glass in my glass beads - I am usually turned off by how dichroic has been used. Usually it is overwhelming and overpowering. I guess there is always a time and place for anything. Perhaps now that I am able to work my designs from paper to glass, it is easy to visualize how I can add a little dichroic to enhance the beads.

I like to use the dichroic as a background; it has to have that faraway feeling, like the distance of the sky from us. It must be subtle and not dominate over my stringer and dot design elements.

Two days ago, I chatted with another lampworking colleague and I had told her that I could just use black and white glass for the rest of my life and clear off the rest of my glass storage. In fact, I am tempted to do so, but I have to be realistic and keep using other colors if I want to sell my pieces. Anyway, adding dichroic even to the black and white beads make a huge difference in the way they look.

So, let me leave you with some of my latest works - my handmade glass cabochons for the interchangeable jewelry system.

It's Always Hip To Be Square

All Square Once Again

Trapped Galaxy
dichroic glass

Trapped Galaxy with Tan Acetate Disc

Trapped Galaxy With Black Acetate Disc

Through A Trapped Galaxy
dichroic glass

Through A Trapped Galaxy with Violet Acetate Disc

with a black acetate disc

Flat Spiraling

Very Cubed

A Wandering Cube

dichroic glass

Wandering Star
shift glass (pink-blue) with dichroic glass

Wandering Star
same as above photo but under different light source, the glass shifts from pink to blue

Far, Far Away
dichroic glass

Cabinet Knob
black-and-white leafy designs

The Night Sky
with black acetate disc
use of dichroic glass

The Arctic Star
with purple and blue acetate disc
use of dichroic glass