Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Acceptance is the key

Have you realized that once you accept the situation, no matter how pessimistic it is, you will feel a sense of calmness and your inner-being is back in sync again? What I am rattling about? Well, the weather - late last week, as I was walking our dog, the weather felt and reminded me of spring and with just that thought, my inner-being relaxed and I can tell you, I am no longer complaining about the poor summer. Besides, the leaves are turning yellow, orange and brown. They have been doing so for at least two weeks. So, move over summer, here comes fall!! Fall is one of the most beautiful visual time of the year.

A couple of new ring toppers plus a very new item, cabinet knobs! I wanted to lampwork cabinet knobs for a long time now though I must tell you, it's only now that I know what I want to design on cabinet knobs. Ok, there is only one knob to show here. More to come, I promise you.

It's Hip To Be Square


Emanate, with turquoise disc

Forever Entwined

When The Night Is Gone

Golden Arabian Nights