Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adding a Background

Here's another glass topper where I used different acetate discs to highlight and frame the ring. It looks very "finished", doesn't it?

Although this is a "smaller" sized topper/cabochon, it is still quite big. This measures 26x13mm. The acetate discs measure 36mm & 28mm respectively.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Design-It-Yourself Rings

Hi! I'm back with some new glass toppers. Wow, it's been a long break since my last update. I was in Louisville for the Gathering - gosh, that seems so long ago - and I stopped in NYC, to visit my sister for a few days, en-route to Hamburg. I don't know how others feel, for me, I am bushed whenever I returned from any long haul trip, yeah, age is catching up with me.

These ring toppers are also pendant toppers, brooch toppers, cuff-bracelet toppers. They however are more known as ring toppers more than the other items. I now carry the basic ring, pendant, brooch and cuff-bracelet - I like to point out that all these basics I sell are sterling silver (925). There are cheaper versions of the ring and pendant made in stainless steel, but I am not very keen on stainless steel. I still find that sterling silver adds a certain finish to the toppers.

Another added feature to my glass toppers are acetate discs which come in 36mm and 28mm. I find these discs are like a frame to the toppers. Like a frame for a picture. So, what do I mean with Design-It-Yourself (DIY) rings, pendants & co? Well, literally, you pick and choose which glass toppers and the acetate discs you want to wear for the day. Match it or make it distinctively different from your outfits for the day. The discs certainly changes the way the glass toppers look - see for yourself. Some photos show the "naked" version, i.e. toppers without any discs and with discs. I have more toppers to show you, but let's start with a few. More to come over the next days!

If you are interested in purchasing, please email me. I will list them on Etsy or BigCartel. I do have different ring sizes as well, lots of acetate discs too!

Here She Comes
Black-and-white with dichroic dome
This is a 2-layered glass topper
Naked version, i.e. no acetate discs

With 36mm acetate disc (tan/blue) - the disc is reversible

"Naked" version

With turqoiuse (36mm) & black (28mm) acetate discs

With turquoise (36mm) & pink (28mm) acetate discs

In The Fall
with 36mm acetate disc

With 36mm tan disc (the reverse side of this disc is dark blue)

On Golden Pond
with 28m black & 36mm ochre acetate discs

with 28mm tan & 36mm red acetate discs

Basic Ring in (925) sterling silver with stainless steel thread