Friday, May 20, 2011

Mind Games

As predicted, it has taken me about two weeks to settle back into my usual routine after any long haul trip. Time to admit, I'm no spring chicken anymore, getting older has its effects. I tire easier these days and naps are a definite must-have on some days. I no longer fight against myself - I simply didn't make any beads. Instead, I have been cooking, trying out new recipes - my all-time favorite is currently making dumplings (Asian dumplings) from scratch; yup, I am making the dough myself, not just the filling. Ah yes, after each travel, I usually indulge in cooking.

So, what have I been doing when I can't concentrate at the torch? Besides cooking, I may knit socks or absolutely do nothing; sit around and twiddle my thumbs (not quite true, I catch up with the housework e.g. laundry). Though, lately I have began to sketch and draw again. I finally found Indian ink. Can you believe that I have been searching high and low in Germany for this ink for the past six months? I also found my drawing nibs online - from Brause - these are nibs which you dip into the ink to draw. Remember, the calligraphy we had to do in school? Yes, those are the same kind of nibs except I use drawing instead of calligraphy nibs. Very exciting indeed. Perhaps in my next blog update, I shall upload some illustrations I have been doing.

This week - the third after my trip to Arizona - began rather rocky with the beadmaking. Not too many beads made till yesturday. Why? Well, next weekend there is a bead event in Mannheim where I have signed up as a vendor. I seriously think, I need a couple of beads. See, under pressure, I can make beads... it's a mind game.

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