Monday, May 9, 2011

Very Grand Indeed

I enjoyed myself tremendously in Peoria, Arizona, last week when I arrived there to teach two lampworking classes. I mentioned that I was due in Phoenix, which is true since that is where I flew in, but I hadn't realized that I will be stationed in Peoria for classes. A very well-organized workshop and trip, all thanks to AZGB. A mighty big thank-you to all the ladies who attended and made the workshops possible for me me to conduct.

Penny, the fabulous organizer and the world's best TA, had driven me up to view the Grand Canyon on my day off. She took the scenic route via Sedona and it was simply breathtaking. The drive was as grand as the Grand Canyon itself. I can't begin to describe to you what it feels like to experience one of the great natural wonders of the world. A tingle goes up and down the spine with jaw-dropping-to-knee gapping mouth and millions of goose-bumps. Thank you, Penny. I know, that photo I have taken of the Grand Canyon has been "shot to death" but hey, I had to take that same shot like everyone else... Anyway, I look forward to visiting the Grand Canyon again with my family.

It is also good to be home again. The jetlag is easier to overcome in Germany than in the US. I am "back" to normal with my time difference and am relaxing for a couple of days before I commence work at the torch again.