Sunday, April 17, 2011


When I discover a new design - or at least to me, it's new but perhaps it already exists somewhere in another part of the world that I have not had the opportunity to witness - I work at the idea till it oozes out of every tiny pore and I can probably work at it blindfolded. This is the time where I begin to move on to greener pastures and this can be a tricky situation. Sometimes, this phase takes a longer journey and time than you would like. More often than not, the longer journey is accompanied with highs and lows. I call this journey a "soul-searching" phase.

I stumbled upon a new design idea pretty fast this time - "In Orbit" is my new series, you have probably seen the start in the previous blog. I had probably - at least, this is how I personally feel - exhausted all possibilities of making a new "kimono" for my Geisha dolls. A friend had encouraged me to move back to my geometric designs as she doesn't see anyone with the kind of geometric designs that I have on my beads. She was referring to my earlier bead designs. A good advice and nudge in the right direction setting the wheels in motion.

See you in my next update and I leave you with photos of my latest beads.

In Orbit, teal

In Orbit, lime

In Orbit, tangerine

The Third Man

The Second Man

The First Man

Baby Geishas With Pigtails

In Orbit, monochromatic

In Orbit, blue II

Little Geisha With Shades

Baby Geisha With Pigtails & Red Ribbons

The Little Periwinkle Geisha

Baby Geisha with Periwinkle Pigtails

Baby Geisha With Grey Pigtails

Little Geishas With Glasses

Little Geisha With HairBun

Little PeiPei LongStockings