Friday, April 8, 2011


Exactly a week ago, I taught a lampworking class in Hamburg - wow, time sure flies by. I was asked to demonstrate my "star" beads. What "star" beads, you might ask - well, these are designs where I have geometric designs, in a way they are like snowflakes.

The last time I made such designs was perhaps two to three years ago. I had made a range of such designs for my jewelry collection (my collaborative work with Elizabeth Prior) as well as bead sets using similar geometric designs. This design is very inspired by the Moorish architecture and design; arabesque designs still intrigue me. I had the immense pleasure of viewing them in person during my trip to Istanbul in fall 2009.

You know, I can't stay put with one design and work on it forever - I don't have that push-button like a machine. There comes a day where I literally can't stand making that design anymore and that's when I "move on"; moving onto new ideas or designs. This particular phase where I experiment and try out ideas is the best phase I consider in making beads. It's that feeling that you have, right before you reach the summit. That uphill climb is usually both frustrating and rewarding - notice how I use frustrating before rewarding? No pain, no gain.

Anyway, that kick-start last weekend has rekindled my "star" beads. Yesturday, I made a few such beads but with a new flavor as well. The beads you see are very large round beads, slightly over 2cm in diameter (3/4") and I'm loving it!

Have a great weekend and hope you'll join me again next week.

In Orbit, blue
about 26mm in diameter

In Orbit, green/amethyst
about 25mm diameter

In Orbit, orange/amethyst

In Orbit, amethyst

Go With The Flow
20x30mm each bead

Smoke Signals

Stars & Moon
each bead 20x24mm

Little Midnight Flower Baby

Little Sunflower Baby II

Little Luna Flower Baby

Little Pumpkin Flower Baby

Little Pink Daisy Baby

Little Peipei Longstockings
doesn't she remind you of Pippi Longstockings?

Sunday, April 3, 2011


On Friday and Saturday, I taught in Hamburg a 2-day workshop. I am most delighted to have had a very harmonious group of ladies to teach and it's been very enjoyable meeting new faces. A most memorable workshop and weekend indeed.

Let's take a look at this week's beads. By the way, I am mighty hung up about making doll beads; my Geisha-Tomonau series have been "extended" to themes such as sunflower dolls, "sun goddess", honeybees, etc. Their faces have now more facial features such as cheeks, chins and noses. Making these dolls are very enjoyable and create a happy feeling. Have I mentioned that these dolls have been influenced by the Cabbage Patch Dolls - remember those cute dolls with birth certificates? Cuteness is very catching especially when we are getting older - hahaha, am I giving my age away?!

Sunflower Baby

Little Miss HoneyBee

The Little Empress Dowager

The Little Flower Girl

The Little Geisha in Paris

The Forest Greens