Friday, March 25, 2011

Dog-Loving Nation

Did you know that Germany is a dog-loving nation? When I flew into Germany in 1986, I was amazed to find that dogs are allowed into restaurants (unless they specify that dogs aren't welcome, then of course you have to leave Fido at home), airports, train stations, trains, buses, shopping centers/malls - you know, simply, places that you like to frequent. After all, the dog is part of the family and companion. Of course, the biggest no-no are the supermarkets and the hospitals. Many hotels and holiday bungalows in Germany allow dogs to overnight with their owners, you pay a small fee for the dogs. Some states require Fido to be leashed at all times, while others allow your dog to be off-leash; some states make you and your dog pass a dog-obedience test before your pooch is allowed to walk off-leash. Mainly this has to do with the dog-biting incidences where young children were biten to death. Obviously if you scream till you're blue in the face for Fido and he is still running off in the other direction, he ought to be either leashed or better-trained.

Last but not least, let me show you some of my latest beads - have a good weekend and I'll be back soon!

The Sun Goddess

The Little Geisha in Summer

The Little Rosy Geisha

The Little Geisha Wearing a Yellow Bathing Cap

The Flower Goddess

The Little Punk

A Flower

The Little Cheery Geisha

Colors of The Wind

Colors of the Wind

A Blue Summer

A Summer Wonder

A Summer Love