Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, Sandy will be turning 14 this May and taking the doggy years into human years, he will be 98. With his fur being so light, he shows no sign of the typical white whiskies around his muzzel which shows up on darker furred dogs. He is slower with his daily walks just like a grandpa would at 94, we take longer than usual and I have to make sure I am "well-padded" (winter-wear) so that I don't freeze in the cold. Almost every day at least one person will ask me whether he's not in the mood to walk since he is a couple feet behind me. Then I have to patiently repeat for the 999th time that he is older and when they hear his age, the first reaction is surprise and then comments on how young he looks. Yes, Sandy looks like he is 5 years old and not much older. Yup, he sure doesn't need any Botox or skin lifting...

Sandy napping
A few beads I made this past week, not too many as I would normally make - the weather's to blame for the lousy mood.




Janet said...

They have such a short life, but hes doing so well and I would think he will 3 or 4 years longer! He looks great. I often think we will see all the animals we loved once again. And your lampwork is marvelous too!

Dora Schubert said...

Yes, Janet, dogs have extremely short lives if you compare them to eg horses or cats. I tend to be lax with him these days, letting him do things his way sometimes though not all the time. I can't tell how long we will have him around, that's one of the reason I let him "walk all over me" at his age. And thanks, I appreciate your comment about my beads too!

Jenni C said...

What a lovely dog, you are lucky to have enjoyed his company for so long.
I love your intricate lampwork style, what a steady hand you must have!


Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Jenni - yes, we all feel very blessed to have the dog with us till now. He practically grew up with our girls who are now in their adulthood, he's very much a part of our family.