Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Whenever it gets cold this time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, my thoughts go to the homeless. I feel very blessed to be living in a warm home whenever I see them loitering in the city. I can't understand why this situation is still exists in this day and age especially in a developed nation like Germany. Yes, this is the time for giving and caring for the unknown homeless. My thoughts go out sincerely to all the homeless in the world.

I have a new bead series called "Tomonau" doll beads - "Tomonau" means "accompany" in Japanese. Think of them as good will dolls.

She's available on my webstore, click on her name to go to my webstore

She's available on my webstore, click on her name to access store

She's going to be on eBay tonight

not listed anywhere yet but she's for sale!

coming soon on eBay...
these beads are totally covered from hole-to-hole with 22k gold leaf with the stringer work in dark ivory, which is also the base glass of the beads, accompanied with turquoise and dark ivory spacers

already on eBay - please click on the name above to go to auction.