Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I hadn't realized that in less than two weeks I am due to drive to Wertheim for the Glasperlen Symposium 2010 (it's a German lampworking event held annually in this town), about 100km 'south' of Frankfurt am Main (don't quote me on that 'south' bit, since I have not looked at the map to see which direction Wertheim really lies from Frankfurt/Main, though the 100km from Frankfurt is right and driving from Hamburg, everything is down south for me). It's about 650km from Hamburg to Wertheim. So, am I ready for the event? Honestly? Noooo... I am still knee-deep with my paperwork, which I have not been attacking and working off properly. I admit, I always find one thousand and one other things to do at the same time I sit down to paperwork. Isn't that awful?? On top of that, I have found a 'old-but-new' addictive hobby - knitting socks. If I am not at the torch, I really should be paperworking, BUT instead I am knitting socks. Perhaps it's age catching up on me, where I want to do what I like to do and ahem, paperwork isn't high on my priority list. Hahaha!!

Here are some beads I've come up with and yes, I am still hung up on using gold leaf. Are you tired of seeing goldy beads from me by now? Obsession and persistence are both my middle names. Ahh, the last set is not with gold leaf, it's almost ceramic-looking and may even be mistaken as ceramic beads by some.

BTW, the show runs on 25 & 26 Sep, at least these are the dates of lampwork sales dates. On 24 Sep, they are displaying and selling accessories for lampworking. The venue is Arkadensaal, Mühlenstraße 26, 97864 Wertheim.