Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am very delighted and of course, much honored, to be featured in September's issue of Perlen Poesie, a German beading magazine. Yes, the magazine is written in German and is sold not just in Germany but in the USA as well. It is a "young" magazine and is published every quarter - this is their sixth issue.

Here are a couple of new beads though I admit, it's been difficult breaking away from drawing lines on the beads and using black-and-white. I'm afraid, it may be boring and monotonous for some of you. But, hey, I did deviate a little - I used gold leaf and transparent amber for the first set (which, by the way, is called That Pot Of Gold). Gold leaf is a pain to use, sticks to the scissors and your fingers, no matter how clean (and I do mean clean, clean to almost being sterilized) they are.