Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Right, this is can be quite confusing - you'd think I have the same beads repeatedly in each photo. Well, almost. Lines dominate these beads and their designs. I can't seem to shake off using black stringers on white base; love the stark effect these two colors have. Boring to some but obviously I am captivated with black on white, not so much white on black. I have convinced myself - actually, forced myself - to make a set of colorful beads. Yeah, trying to break up the b+w cycle since not everyone is crazy as I am about the combination. This below colorful set is inspired by my younger daughter's bikini she bought this summer. She said to me last week, "hey mum, you should make a set of beads using the colors on my two-piece!", which by the way, has gold straps; thus the gold-leaf spacers.