Sunday, June 6, 2010


Whether I have enough beads for the show, well, it's a little late to worry about it now. The Bead & Button Show begins on Thursday and I have stopped working at the torch yesturday - time to pack the beads and my bags.

Good news! Elizabeth Prior has set my glass cabochons into 7 new rings and 5 new pendants specially made for the show; this includes my new Mad Hatter series besides the Moorish designs. My booth is #17 at the show.

I spent about 10 days making large-holed beads which can be used on the Pandora/Troll & Co. bracelets/necklaces, though they are versatile for other chains as well. I admit, I have enough of making the small beads...little suckers...I counted about 238 such beads. Now you may understand why I can't the thought of making the 239th or 240th bead??!!

Next, I made more of the round beads with the 'I-heart-you' motifs though these beads are 'heartless' (wow, I sound like Cruella DeVil, talk about the 'heartless' beads and its maker...). I have come up with color combinations which I personally like. I could have gone on making more but well, there's that time factor again.

Here are some other beads, besides the Mad Hatter series, traveling to Milwaukee with me. Have a great week, and I shall blog from Milwaukee!