Friday, March 26, 2010


I had a very emotional call yesturday with my dear friend who is hospitalized and knows she is facing the last weeks of her life. I also spoke with my parents earlier today and my dad says, the frightening part is not dying, it is dying so young which is frightening. My friend is 45. We will drive to see her on Wednesday. 

True friends are few, acquaintances are many; with friends, you can talk about openly about being afraid of leaving the world behind, not being able to see your children anymore, leaving your partner alone by her-/himself, what happens when you are no longer around. Yes, you also realize that life goes on with or without you when you pass into the next life. You leave the world in order to make space for a newborn. Don't stay angry with anyone or anything too long, life is short and precious. 

My beads which I'd like to share with you - 

measures 36x24, 15mm thick

Reverse side of THE PURPLE FLOWER

measures 35mm in length, 22mm at its widest

measures 30mm, 23mm at its widest

GREEN WITH ENVY, lentil-shaped
measures 26mm in diamater

Reverse side of GREEN WITH ENVY

YOU'RE THE ONE, lentil-shaped
Measures 26mm in diameter

Reverse side of YOU'RE THE ONE

SOLITAIRE, lentil-shaped
measures 27mm in diameter

Reverse side of SOLITAIRE

THE POMFRET, free-formed shaped
measures 36x23mm
I have drawn a complete fish which goes around the side of the bead. 
Below photo shows the tail part of the fish

Tail drawing of THE POMFRET

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


On Friday, we received a call from our dear friends whom we met about 20 years ago at a baby play-group with our first-borns. My husband answered the call and we were told that Ulla, who is 44, is attending undergoing a therapy in the hospital on how to deal with her pain. She was diagnosed with melanoma three years ago and was given no chance of recovery then. However she fought and still is fighting against the odds, although the tumor cells have metastasized to her lungs, brain and now her stomach or intestines. She has undergone chemo- and radiotherapy for each of the metastasis (is this what it's called?) but it keeps spreading. Now,  her husband told us that she is self-administering morphine to ease the pain. Ulla is not hospitalized, she is home. I can't tell you how affected I have been by the news. I can't bear to think of what she is going through, what her family is going through. They have two children, both same ages as our own and the saddest part is her younger son does not remember the times when she was healthy. 

My husband is presently away in Canada and the USA on business. We will drive to visit Ulla and her family when he returns on the weekend. I can't handle the situation by myself if I drove to visit them on my own. It will be too emotional for me. They live in Hamm, where we used to live before our relocation to Singapore in 1994.

Besides the work I am due to hand in to the galleries, I haven't really been able to concentrate; my mind keeps wondering. The metalworking is a good diversion, I can literally hammer my feelings out and yes, file half of my nails off too...

Perhaps this is why I made these two 'fun' beads, birds and my favorite creatures, white mice...

These two birds perch on a tree, holes run through the birds.

Two mice perching on a slice of swiss cheese, their tails wrap around the 'cheese'

I had to show you the nice fat bottoms of the mice, isn't it fat and cute? Yes, the holes run through the mice like the birds. They look upwards or downwards when you place the bead upright.

I made this focal weeks ago, but forgot all about it
measures 40mm long and 34mm at its widest

Reverse side of IT'S CASCADING

Measures 38mm (hole-to-hole) x 33mm at its widest

Reverse side of ALL FOR LOVE

27mm in diameter
Black motifs on white, with red heart which has been left slightly raised.

Reverse side of BECAUSE OF YOU

Monday, March 22, 2010

I am in the midst of preparing pieces for two galleries. My mind is in overdrive mode and I am constantly thinking of how to make them the way I perceive them. I admit I don't want any mistakes and am being awfully picky about it. Yes, I have the beads made but no, I haven't started to do anything with them yet! I guess I ought to jump into it before the deadline becomes too close, which is probably very close; I am just ignoring looking at the calendar. 

Anyway, my new studio furniture is all assembled and I have a large workspace for metalsmithing and jewelry-making. 

Here is a set - ok, I admit, I had a hard time struggling to get this set done. My mind is totally on my projects. This will go up on ebay this evening.

As I promised in my last blog to show you another of my finished pendants - here it is! I have made the chain to go with the pendant and and yes, I am pretty satisfied. The glass is a lavender-shift and the shift is between lavender and blue, depending on the light source.

That's all for now, I will show you the finished pieces for the galleries in my next blog update. Have a great week!