Friday, March 12, 2010


Perhaps you have noticed that I have more or less stopped my collaborative work with Elizabeth. Partly, it became tedious having to send the stuff cross Atlantic and also, I felt I have no control over what was being made or produced. Our collaboration more or less stopped more than one year ago, it simply dwindled away. Then, a request for a wedding band came late last year which I did not want to turn away. It is a special request that I agreed to making the glass cabochon again for Elizabeth to set. The ring has already been presented to the buyer's future wife - I myself have not seen what the finished product looks like! My buyers are both pleased which in return makes me happy to hear that! 

Anyway, that ring was probably the final collaborative work. This week, I hauled out my metalworking equipment from storage and set it up albeit temporary till my studio furniture arrives at the end of this month. I have tried taking metalworking workshops here in Germany but it is such a tight-fisted community that I have given up trying to take any classes. I can't sign up for a full-time program with any colleges as that would involve uprooting the family and hey, my husband's job is here! Most of the metalworking colleges are down south in Germany and as much as I would love to take classes, it is impossible at this moment. So, this is going to be hands-on and learning-by-doing for me. If you're wondering, yes, I have the general equipment and tools required since I was hoping to dive into it when I took the useless workshops in the past years.

Here's the first piece I made - a pendant setting with my glass cabochon. I have been asked many times previously about my glass cabs - they are made that way, ie as a cab, from start to finish. The back of the cab is flat and no, I do not make a round bead to saw in half. That would take up too much time and besides, it will not be easy to cut the bead exactly where you want it. One can hope, but naa... I don't believe in such hopes.

UNTITLED, pendanGlass cabochon set on 925 Sterling silver, brush matt finish
Comes with 18" sterling silver chain

Two new bead sets, very brightly colored beads, oh yes, I am more than ready for spring weather. Good grief, it's been cold long enough!!!

set of 6 large round beads, light blue motifs on red, orange and yellow with green spacer beads
each round bead measures 17x18mm

set of large lentil beads (about 27mm diameter), motifs in black on greens, blue and yellow