Thursday, November 18, 2010


So pleased to be able to work with silver foil on my beads and not burn the living daylights of it! Both the gold leaf and silver foil are one of my proudest achievements, I would say. I no longer think about the technicalities of the torch, glass, etc - I can't tell you exactly when what it is, but I have learned to "read" the glass, its reaction and the flame. There comes a moment where you cross the threshold and, lo and behold, it becomes second nature to you.

I enjoying with in black and white, I can't shake loose of this combination and I use black for my design work. Ok, I have lots of colored glass rods in my storeroom, believe me - it is a lot - and I keep telling myself to use them. But you know what, when you're not convinced of anything, it simply doesn't bring joy to the work. In fact, it is agonizing. Of course, I can't tell whether others get bored with seeing the same-old, same-old or not. Being a full-time lampworker, I do have to consider several issues such as - what I like, what others like and what will actually sell. Not an easy task, is it?

clear with silver foil & black designs (what else?!)

clear with black and white

I admit, this is my personal fav set!



TesoriTrovati said...

That silver foil just takes your beads to a whole new level. They were stunning before now they are out of this world cosmic! I love them all Dora, but that set that is your fave is mine too.
Enjoy the day!

formartis - Iris Schäfer said...

unbelievable beautiful!!! I love your beads!!
XXX from Germany

jeanniesbeads said...

Awsome silver work Dora. You mean you've actually figured out how to apply the silver, and then work over it without it burning off! - the silver isn't encased in anything! Amazing!

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you all! Silver foil as well as gold leaf are not encased in clear.

Bobbie Pene said...

I love black and white and will never tire from looking at your black and white sets. It is a timeless combination that goes with anything and any occasion. And every now and then you do throw in a colourful mix just to surprise us :)

Guido said...

. . . realy, realy great work dora !!!
hugs and greets

Pretty Things said...

You are simply amazing at what you do!

Perlenkatze said...

Du hast wunderschöne Kreationen gezaubert.Liebe Grüße

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Super works!