Friday, October 15, 2010


How do you like the packaging? Pretty darn cool, don't you agree??! So, what is this? This is a bar of soap made in Malaysia and still has the same soap fragrance that I remember as a little girl. I asked my parents who live in Singapore to get me a bottle of Cuticura talcum powder as I l can't find this in Germany. Hey, something Asian is not easily found outside of Asia! Some habits die hard... Anyway, my husband was on his business travels in the Asia Pacific Rim region and his last stop was Singapore, where he spent three days there and overnighted at my parents'. Can you imagine, my husband sees my parents more than I do. He's been there at least four times this year - mainly business - and I haven't been home for the past four years. It's bad, I know, but my folks and I skype almost daily, thanks to technology, we keep in cyber-touch!! Well, he came home with my favorite talcum powder and attached to the bottle was this lovely packaged soap (yes, it was a freebie) and when I took a whiff, it reminded me of my childhood, my parents, my sister and my home country. Even my husband said it was typical soap scent "from those days".

I guess I won't be using the soap, more likely I will continue to sniff at it - yeah, how to get a natural high...

Some focal beads I made this week. Ok, not too much lampworking activities from me - I am going through a rough phase again, not really sure what I want to make. I was going to go cold-turkey with gold leaf, but what the heck, I ended up using it again!!


Perlenkatze said...

Oh well, I know exactly, what you are talking about. Not with things from Asia, but from the US. I hope that I will see my daughter next year and also go shoping.

I endore your new beads, Dora. They are so pretty.


TesoriTrovati said...

Those focals are amazing. And scent is a powerful memory maker. I love the packaging. It is art!
Enjoy the day!

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Isn't it wonderful how smells can take us back to another time!

I love your new focals. The black and gold is my favourite, it looks very regal.


die pfalzperle said...

Liebe Dora,
ich habe mich sehr gefreut deine schönen Perlen in Wertheim bewundern zu können.Auch diese Neuen sind wieder spektakulär!
Schicke Dir liebe Grüße in den Norden