Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am very delighted and of course, much honored, to be featured in September's issue of Perlen Poesie, a German beading magazine. Yes, the magazine is written in German and is sold not just in Germany but in the USA as well. It is a "young" magazine and is published every quarter - this is their sixth issue.

Here are a couple of new beads though I admit, it's been difficult breaking away from drawing lines on the beads and using black-and-white. I'm afraid, it may be boring and monotonous for some of you. But, hey, I did deviate a little - I used gold leaf and transparent amber for the first set (which, by the way, is called That Pot Of Gold). Gold leaf is a pain to use, sticks to the scissors and your fingers, no matter how clean (and I do mean clean, clean to almost being sterilized) they are.


Narrative jewelry said...

Congrats for being feature dear Dora, and don't worry about black and white lines on your beads, it is always a great pleasure to discover them.
The "Pot of gold" set is simply amazing ! The colours are beautiful, bravo !

TesoriTrovati said...

Woohoo! Congratulations Dora! That is wonderful news. You know that I would never be bored with your black and white. It is classy and elegant and you manage to make it new and exciting every time I see it. But That Pot of Gold is really a special set. Thank you for sharing your inspiration! Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

Congratulations! I've long admired your work and am just in awe of you. Well deserved to be published!

Samma said...

OH, Dora...they at absolutely stunning. Congrats big time ;-D
Hugs - Samma