Thursday, June 24, 2010


Returning from any business trip is a pure joy for me; clearly you see what my family and home mean to me. Ok, I admit, I take about two weeks to settle down before I can begin to work in my studio. Yes, I come home feeling very inspired and definitely very gung-ho; on the other hand, the biggest quest is like climbing Mount Everest - which of the many inspirations should I work on first? I hit this all-time high and then, it changes into an all-time low and I feel like cowboys lost in space. Knowing this, ie my two-week hungover, I take part in a handful of events each year, spread out to meet my pace. So, am I psyching myself into thinking I need taking about two weeks to settle in? Probably. Some of us take longer to get out of any jams, others don't even have this issue. Ah well, it takes all kinds to make this world - thank goodness for that, otherwise it is a major constipated nightmare meeting your own clones wherever you go!

I have a custom request order from a Japanese buyer - an order from the Bead and Button Show. It is for six beads in abstract designs with enamels and no, it's not a set but individual small focals. The Japanese prefer small focal beads. I have not made this design for two years now. Beads came out this morning from the kiln looking mighty pleasant and I am pleased with them. They will leave for Japan over the next days. You may ask, is this what I am planning to make now? Perhaps. Let's see what my brain has in store for my hands.

Our Sandy - I captured his photo this morning - is now 13. He has his birthday on May 22; he is noticeably slower during his walks and is taking longer getting up from the floor. His naps are much longer and deeper too. A 30-minute walk with Sandy now takes about 50 to 60 minutes to complete. I cut down the length of our walks though every couple of days, we take his usual long rounds - you can tell when he's up to taking a longer walk. I struggle inwardly to see how he is slowing down. My husband and I agree to change our summer travel plans this year, I am reluctant to leave him in any kennel's care or anyone's care - that means, no flying for us and we will restrict our traveling with the car so he can come with us. He has no ailments, hears and sees very well; he is just old. But when it comes to his meal times, oh my, you see how he skips to his bowl like a joyful 3-month old pup! Our dog is definitely our best friend.


mamajanl said...

The beads are adorable. I love the "summery" colors. Jan

TesoriTrovati said...

Welcome back, Dora!
I had such a great time meeting you. I would have spent all day with you if I could. You are fascinating and your beads are BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to make my special gallery pieces with them at the forefront.
And that pup is so lovely. I want to give him a big hug.
Enjoy the day!

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Jan!!

Enjoyed meeting you too, Erin! Thank you for stopping by! I haven't forgotten about your order either.