Sunday, June 20, 2010


I left for Germany on Monday and touched down on Tuesday, having lost one day since I was traveling west. I spent most of the day sleeping and needless to say, I was the only one awake till 3am at home. I used that time to get my accounts done from the Bead & Button Show and sorted out this & that. By Thursday, my jet-lag was more or less gone and I was 'back to the future'. After all, in the US, my day was 7 hours behind the German clock - I guess, that made me 7 hours younger there, hahaha!!

So, how did the show go? Well, it was sluggish for me; if I may dare say so for the other vendors, it was pretty sluggish altogether. Still, it was pretty nifty to be there - get the creative juices rolling... This year, I moved to another booth, my 3rd move so far in the event and let me tell you, it is not a good idea to move from your spot. Your clients think you are not there and when they do find you on the third day, well, that's when you know you're lucky they even found you! Most visitors at the show clutch a show program and I have pretty much noticed they do not read the program till perhaps when they are back in their hotel rooms or their homes. I had several visitors ask me where they could find so-and-so and when I ask them for their show program and flip to the right page for them, you know that they have not even glanced at the show directory! I guess in their excitement to be at the show, they forgot about using the show directory!

Still, I had a great time during the show; with Bronwen Heilman as my booth neighbor, let me tell you, it's definitely fun, fun, fun!!!

Being alone at my booth leaves me no time to even go around the show at all, let alone take any photos. Sorry if I am disappointing anyone with no photos. Here is however a most interesting subject at the hotel...I was very tempted to tell the fellow that his fly was undone but I thought that he just might fall off the ladder in his panic. Yes, he is a real human (and a man...)


mamajanl said...

You are a riot! I am so glad you did not lose your sense of humor at B&B. I enjoyed the daily updates but am sorry that sales were not great. Welcome home......

Deb said...

Dora _ I am sorry to hear that the show was sluggish for you & the other vendors.

Great photo - it looks almost surreal, as if the guy is holding the ceiling up with his shoulders.

Maybe I shouldn't tell you that you'd be 10 hours older if you ever came to New Zealand ;)

Dora Schubert said...

Hey Jan, thanks, it's great to be home!

Deb, yes, that's the problem with NZ...10 hours older but then that can be reversed when I go back to Germany! Hmmm...does that make it +/0 which means, I don't age??!! hahaha, that is a cool thought!