Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just can't complain even though it is freezing-butt (pardon my expression, if you should deem it offensive) early in the mornings. This morning, it was 1°C (33°F) and now it's 13°C (55°F) in the early afternoon. Beautiful air and weather - this is very uplifting and has definitely put me in a very happy and natural-high mood. Some new focals I made yesturday and yes, I am decidedly more than satisfied with them!


Let's start off with my favorite theme, a butterfly bead. This butterfly is drawn with its wings spanned across the front and back of the bead, with its body at the 'edge' of the bead. Actually, there's no real front or back of the bead, both sides can be used as front or back and if you look at one of the sides (see below photos), it looks like an abstract motif.

measures 67x29mm, 12mm thick

METAMORPHOSIS, view of one side

METAMORPHOSIS, view of reverse side

55X27mm, 10mm thick

COME INTO MY GARDEN, reverse side

48x31mm, 11mm thick

CHERRY BLOSSOMS, reverse side

APPLE BLOSSOMS, view of one side
53x26mm, 10mm thick

APPLE BLOSSOMS, view of reverse side

Ok, I have to be thick-skinned here, I love this below bead! It's like the closing credits of Alice in Wonderland, where the flowers grew and grew and grew!! Hey, some of us just don't want to grow up!!

THE MAD HATTER'S GARDEN, view of one side
53x29mm, 10mm thick

THE MAD HATTER'S GARDEN, view of other side

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Rose said...

Such pretty beads! I love love the colors. So bright and vibrant!