Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have been pondering and asking around which stringing material suits lampwork glass beads and what is durable. Actually, none of them are 'forever' durable. Fact is, frequent handling and wearing of any jewelry will eventually cause the stringing to tear. I thought of 'stringing' on silver wire, but silver would also even experience 'fatigue', become hard and brittle leading to breakage at some point. So, what does that mean for me? I've decided that perhaps what is suitable for my beads would be to use the traditional stringing and knotting of my glass beads. Knotting the beads means that when the stringing material rips, only one bead would fall off. What might be suitable is unwaxed linen and cotton thong. This of course eliminates the need to cover any crimps and the beading wire as well as not having to use any catches. Do you realize that you can use tie the ends together? It is attractive and I must say, it is rather appealing.

Several earrings and one necklace to share with you today; no, I did not knot this necklace. It has a loop made of seed beads and the 'toggle' is actually a focal bead, the disc spacer beads graduate in size. As for the earrings, it is quite a torture to make uniformed beads; and also remember the motifs for the second bead. You can be sure it is easier to make abstract motifs for earring beads.

about 20" in length. Each bead measures about 19x20mm, flower (or star) bead about 31mm in diameter

I heart you
made into a pendant with silver accessories, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls, comes with a purple tone silk band.

Tribal # 1
with black-and-white glass beads and 925 sterling silver wire and discs

Tribal # 2
with transparent cobalt blue and white glass beads, 925 sterling silver wire and beads

with ivory, topaz and turquoise colored glass beads, 925 sterling silver accessories and wire

with topaz-ivory glass beads (Magnolia-style) colored glass beads, 925 sterling silver accessories and wire

with purple-white & red glass beads colored glass beads, 925 sterling silver wire


Guido said...

hey dora . . die kette ganz oben ist ja der kracher !!!!

Narrative jewelry said...

Just awesome Dora ! The necklace is simply gorgeous, what a fabulous work you have done by graduate beads in size.
Love the earrings too of course, especially the so cute ivory/turquoise, so original.