Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yes, I love this time of the year!! Spring is when you can wear comfy and thinner outfits, no more thick coats, woolen scarves or pullovers, no more thick soaks - yeah, I can see my toes again!! Some of us would also take this opportunity to dry our laundry outdoors. Talking about that, here's a fella who believes in air-drying too, though I'd personally prefer drying my laundry outdoors than how's he doing it. Captured this photo on Sunday in Hamburg; what do you think? Definitely, a bachelor's pad, eh?!


I've more or less began building my inventory for the Bead & Button Show in June. In a way, I love events, they allow me to indulge in one style or color combo till fully exhausted and then, I can move on with the next style, again till fully-exhausted. This year, I hope to have between 5-8 different styles/techniques to bring with me to Milwaukee. Here's what I have been doing the past days:

part Bedrock series, part Palm series
Purple with ivory  motifs 
each bead measures18x19mm

Bedrock series
these beads are my latest craze, have a Flintstone-look (well, to me!)
each bead measures 18x19mm

measures 227mm in diamater

Reverse side of Heart of Passion

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So schön sind Deine Neuen!!!!!!