Friday, March 26, 2010


I had a very emotional call yesturday with my dear friend who is hospitalized and knows she is facing the last weeks of her life. I also spoke with my parents earlier today and my dad says, the frightening part is not dying, it is dying so young which is frightening. My friend is 45. We will drive to see her on Wednesday. 

True friends are few, acquaintances are many; with friends, you can talk about openly about being afraid of leaving the world behind, not being able to see your children anymore, leaving your partner alone by her-/himself, what happens when you are no longer around. Yes, you also realize that life goes on with or without you when you pass into the next life. You leave the world in order to make space for a newborn. Don't stay angry with anyone or anything too long, life is short and precious. 

My beads which I'd like to share with you - 

measures 36x24, 15mm thick

Reverse side of THE PURPLE FLOWER

measures 35mm in length, 22mm at its widest

measures 30mm, 23mm at its widest

GREEN WITH ENVY, lentil-shaped
measures 26mm in diamater

Reverse side of GREEN WITH ENVY

YOU'RE THE ONE, lentil-shaped
Measures 26mm in diameter

Reverse side of YOU'RE THE ONE

SOLITAIRE, lentil-shaped
measures 27mm in diameter

Reverse side of SOLITAIRE

THE POMFRET, free-formed shaped
measures 36x23mm
I have drawn a complete fish which goes around the side of the bead. 
Below photo shows the tail part of the fish

Tail drawing of THE POMFRET


by keiara - lampwork beads said...

Oh honey, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sending you both lots of love. <3

eve said...

This must be so hard for her family and friends and your dear friend also. I lost two friends of mine at at a young age one was 28 and the other 35, (both to cancer) time does heal, but just remeber the happy times.x