Monday, March 22, 2010

I am in the midst of preparing pieces for two galleries. My mind is in overdrive mode and I am constantly thinking of how to make them the way I perceive them. I admit I don't want any mistakes and am being awfully picky about it. Yes, I have the beads made but no, I haven't started to do anything with them yet! I guess I ought to jump into it before the deadline becomes too close, which is probably very close; I am just ignoring looking at the calendar. 

Anyway, my new studio furniture is all assembled and I have a large workspace for metalsmithing and jewelry-making. 

Here is a set - ok, I admit, I had a hard time struggling to get this set done. My mind is totally on my projects. This will go up on ebay this evening.

As I promised in my last blog to show you another of my finished pendants - here it is! I have made the chain to go with the pendant and and yes, I am pretty satisfied. The glass is a lavender-shift and the shift is between lavender and blue, depending on the light source.

That's all for now, I will show you the finished pieces for the galleries in my next blog update. Have a great week!


mamajanl said...

absolutely gorgeous.......Jan

Guido said...

sal├╝ dora,
die kette ist der hammer,
ich tippe mal auf ringdornbasis ;)

Dora Schubert said...

Thanks, Jan/Guido!

Lieber Guido, wie meinst du mit Ringdornbasis? Du meinst wie ich das Glas gemacht habe? Es ist off-mandrel Arbeit.