Friday, February 5, 2010


It is difficult attempting to make glass beads while nursing a huge head cold though I have ideas but hey, the flesh is weak and the brain is slower during this phase.

So, what have I been making while having stuffed sinuses? Not much, I'm afraid. I have made more vine-y beads though as focals instead of bead sets. Don't ask why, but even my husband tells me they remind him of Schneewittchen - this is German for Snow White - as well as Jack And The Beanstalk. Some things just trigger certain memories, events and places without you knowing why, doesn't it?

Hope to get more beads going this weekend, or maybe I do have to stop sniffing propane and get more fresh air and bed-rest. Though, I can't imagine myself not doing anything. Napping is one thing but just lying in bed, naaaaa, I just can't see myself doing it. Have a good weekend, everyone, and here are some of the beads I have made in the past days.

Made only two test beads, enamels on light ivory base. I have been pondering whether to etch them or not. Most likely, I shall not be etching them. These are medium-sized lentils, each about 22mm in diameter.

Focal bead, made with the same enamels as above but on clear base - which I personally prefer. You can see how the base affects the enamels. The yellow is 'quieter' and not as loud as on the light ivory base.
Measures 38mm in length, 20mm at its widest point and 12mm in depth (thick)

Purple and green enamels on clear base
Bead measures 38mm length, 28mm width, 11mm depth (thick)
Sorry for the glare and harsh lighting in the bead, I just don't feel up to re-shooting it at the moment.

Purple and rose purple enamels on clear base. The bead is round in the front and flat on the back. I thought this would allow the focal to sit better and feels more comfy.
Measures 34mm in length, 25mm at its widest point, 22mm in depth (thick)

Last but not least, my Magnolia style focal bead. Actually this is more like a pine cone rather than a magnolia.
Measures 27.5mm and 23mm at its widest

Same bead as above, just another view

Top view of the bead


Narrative jewelry said...

They are both gorgeous Dora, love especially the second and the third one who remind me chinese vase. The effect you obtain with enamel is really interesting. And i am really found of your designs.
The magnolia is a beautiful one too. Your work is so inspiring.
Thank you to share with us your beauties.

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Veronique.

Silver Parrot said...

These are all beautiful. I particularly love the pink/yellow enamel lentils in the first picture!

Guido said...

booaaahhh, die magniolia ist ja der hammer mmmeeeeehhrrr machen bitte ;)

rosebud101 said...

Gorgeous beads, Dora! I hope you feel better soon!

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, everyone! Yes, my cold has disappeared yesturday and I am back to 'normal'!