Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My quest with using enamels on my beads goes on. Oho, enamel addiction... I love graduating colors, which enamels are just the perfect media for this purpose. I used to etch my enameled beads - two years ago, I was actively using enamels on my beads - and the only drawback with etching, i.e. if you have the unlucky stars hanging over your head, is the glass beads may sometimes look like ceramic beads or worse yet, plastic beads! Now, I am quite pleased with leaving the glass beads as they are - glossy and shiny, a 'natural' characteristic of glass. Besides, etching is a nasty business, it is after all very acidic. I neutralize all my etched beads, as the acid on the glass beads is not removed under running tap water. Imagine, that acid slowing feasting on your skin, now that is gross, isn't it?

My favorite enamel color is actually white at the moment though I must allow myself to indulge in other colors as ultimately I don't want to stay too monochromatic. Enamels allow for subtle graduation into a new color. There is no way you can do that with opaque colored glass, it will be too harsh. 

I love red against white, it is a very strong color. The focal bead, Ambiguous, is a typical example of when you literally see red, since they are used sparingly on a large area of white. It's like 'small can beat big', isn't it?


This bead can be used right-side up or upside down. I have used a light dusting of yellow enamels along with white.



Basically these focals have the birds on one side and on the reverse, the tree design. I not posting the photos of the reverse sides for the next two focal beads. 


You know, when I started lampworking, I was fascinated with making encased floral beads in the first two years. I admit, I have recently caught the fever again and started to try them out once more. Believe me, it was not like riding the bicycle, I couldn't get it right and the flowers were deformed by the time the bead was finished. A nightmare. I even bought an e-tutorial by Cynthia Tilker on encased floral beads to see what I might be doing wrong. She has beautiful floral beads as well as sculptural beads. Of course, she shows you the techniques; but the e-tutorial does not point out what mistakes I was doing. Took me several days to figure out what I was doing wrong, and now I realized that I started out with too large dots and by the time the layers were done, there was no room left for each flower and that's when the distortion began. Here are two beads which I am happy with, they will be listed on ebay this evening.




Anita + Elias Schwegler-Juen said...

Aloha Dora-,
traumhaft schöne Arbeit, grosses Kompliment!
Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz-,
Elias & Anita

Dora Schubert said...

Moin, moin, Elias & Anita! Herzlichen Dank!!!

linda lee studio said...

So lovely!! I especially love that first set. Is it on Ebay?

Dora Schubert said...

Thanks, Linda and yes, the bead set is on ebay.