Sunday, January 3, 2010


After several years of wishy-washy winters without any snow in Germany, I am happy to with the current cold spell we are facing now. Up here in Hamburg, we are waiting for the Alstersee (Lake Alster) to freeze at least 20cm. Why? Well, when that happens, the frozen lake will be one big party locale! We will be allowed to walk or skate or do whatever we like on it. There probably will be vendors selling Gl├╝hwein (special hot wine/punch, usually served in winter in Germany) and grilled sausages stands. The only times I experienced this was back in 1996 and 1997, what a thrill it was! The lake had not frozen between then and now. Anyway before that can happen, there must be a permanent frost for at least 14 days so that 20cm of the lake will freeze thoroughly. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

In November last year, my younger daughter Sydney asked me to show her how to knit a scarf. The last time I knitted was about 15 years ago. I picked up knitting on my own, made a few sweaters with help from the sales assistant of a wool store in Hamm (Westfalen) where we used to live before. Anyway, Sydney opened a can of worms for me and now I am into knitting again! Oh gosh, knitting is such a huge distraction and I have to make myself sit at the torch these days to make beads.

Strange as it may be, I love using and wearing warm colors in winter and in summer, cooler colors. Besides, the colder months turn dark quicker and with colors like yellow and orange, it does help brighten up the mood, don't you agree? Here are several of my latest beads -

Tuscany Sunrise
26mm diameter per bead
Beads are actually more orange than in the photo. I couldn't get the right exposure.

The second set is called 'Flamingo Magnolias' which also consists of two-tone petals and is heavily encased in clear glass.

Flamingo Magnolias

When Sydney saw the beads, they reminded her of the lupine photo she had taken in summer 2007 in the UK. Here is the photo she captured.

Pink Romance

Kissed By The Sun

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