Friday, December 11, 2009


Tomorrow morning, we are heading off for a family vacation - yes, our pooch Sandy is coming along. Perhaps we are using this time of the year to escape the usual stressful annual gathering my in-laws plan at Christmas each year. A few days ago, I read in the newspaper that 25% of the Germans interviewed would love to scrap the usual Christmas gathering altogether; we're definitely part of this percentage! Let's not get into why-and-because, I think you may understand what I'm talking about but then again, you may not agree to what we are doing at all. To each his own, we are all adults and responsible for our own actions.

This month has kept me relatively busy and several surprising orders came along including a wedding band; I admit, I have not began work on the glass cabochon yet. Being a wedding ring, I am perhaps even more particular than ever since it is something so special, bonding two lives as one. Well, the sketch pad will be accompanying me for the trip!

Around this time of the year - though this year I started relatively late - I like to use Bullseye glass just because they have metal luster glass and I find this extremely befitting to the Christmas season. I have made small lentil beads and you know the smaller the bead, it becomes tricky laying down any design. Imagine, the large colorful lentils measure 26mm in diameter and these small lentils measure 13mm - a psychotic difference in size, won't you agree? I meant to capture the large and the small side by side, but keep forgetting to do so. Therefore, I don't have any photos to show you this psychotic difference. I shall try to show you this in January - if I remember.

Here are two of my latest BE (meaning Bullseye) Luster beads:



Last but not least, I'd like to leave you with a larger-than-life egomanical side of me for your Christmas celebrations, which is the latest ad campaign from Bullseye which I enclose for those of you who haven't seen it. For more info, you can check me (hahaha!!!) as well as other glass artists out on their website

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you and your family a very pleasant sans stress Christmas holidays.


Ok, this morning I had to vent my frustrations out about someone who had taken over my payment and shipment terms and conditions mentioned on ebay. I chanced upon it when I left my feedback for a buyer and out of curiosity, I checked on what she had purchased from another lampworker - the seller had left her feedback for the same buyer. It wasn't the beads which upset me, it was that this seller had taken over my entire text for the shipping and payment terms, word for word in both English and German. So, what does this tell us, folks? Don't complain about the mainland Chinese copying us, we're also copying each other here in Europe. Imagine, you can't even come up with your own terms and conditions for your business, how unprofessional is that?? How on earth can you take someone else's terms/conditions and use them? You are ultimately responsible for your own conditions you offer to your buyers.

So, am I being a jerk about the copying text? Yes, sure I am. I admit, it's petty, stupid, silly, foolish and wasting my time and energy. And you want to know who I am talking about? Naaa, I'm not going to tell. Let's get on with life and the weekend! But remember, it is serious business when you simply take over someone else's terms and you can't say later, 'but I didn't know that paragraph was in my terms and conditions'.

Focal bead with pearlescent finish, motifs in black
26mm diameter

OK, the Magnolia series are a little sensitive to me as there is another lampworker who's making them recently. So, you might say I am copying her? I did not learn the technique from her. It happened when I was learning how to make implosions from Anarkin's website, I stumbled upon this Magnolia technique by accident - accidents do happen when you experiment. That is the beauty of experiments.

Magnolia beads

Magnolia beads

Reef bead
measures 36x21mm

Same reef bead as above, another angle

Below beads are all lentil-shaped, measuring 26mm in diameter. Mostly black-and-white unless otherwise stated.

Focal, grey with white

Focal bead, white with black motifs

Focal bead, smokey ring with black motifs

Mustard with sky blue motifs

Untitled, made with Bullseye glass
Small lentils, each about 18mm

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ahhh, Friday was my once-a-year-Christmas-cookie-baking-day and boy, did we end up with plenty! I got pretty tired of making them, since you have to roll the dough and cut with the cookie cutter. Quite monotonous activity. It used to be pretty fun when our girls were younger (and hey, that was when they still believed in Santa Claus!!) and they took over the cookie cutting part. These days, I bake them by myself - B O R I N G... but delicious!!! After spending the whole afternoon making the cookies myself, I must say, I have enough of cookie-baking till the same time next year!!!

Yesturday's weather was terribly wet and cold; most unpleasant. Glad that it is slightly warmer today though it is grey and cloudy. I am still debating on whether to make beads or to have a 'don't-care-about-nuts' day which means veg out, read and munch.

While I further debate, here are a couple of my new beads I'd like to share with you. Hope you like them and enjoy your Sunday!

mainly round beads with disc beads and long end bead
clear beads are 'nugget' shaped
dots have iridescent/metallic-finish

This pink is so pale that it feels like low-fat to me!
Round beads with black motifs and black spacer beads

Large lentil set, each measures 26mm in diameter, with coral-color spacer beads
Each bead has a floral motif.

Close-up of my favorite bead from the set. This bead has the flower petals on both sides of the bead with the center of the flower right the edge of the bead.

Another large lentil set, this time I have used colors like white, light+dark grey, pale pink (same as the Fat-Free Pink set), smoke ring and brown.


You've guessed it, a large lentil set again!
Pale pink with black motifs and spacer beads.
Bead measurements are same as the a.m. sets