Friday, November 20, 2009


Ok, I admit - I am totally clueless when it comes to IT, internet platforms and their Compadre. Last week, I only realized that I could announce or advertise my sales for my glass beads on Facebook and for the past year I have been actively on FB, I thought I wasn't allowed to do so. Classify me as stupid, silly or ignorant, if you wish, but I am easily intimidated with all the rules and regulations about using online sites to promote one's work. For example, when you have a registered website in Germany, you have to have a masthead (Impressum) where you are required to state your name and address plus business tax number, otherwise you could be sued for leaving this out by desperate lawyers who have nothing to do all day and basically have no real clients but to go through every website to see if someone had omitted this information. The fine is about €400 for forgetting the masthead. So, honestly, I did not realize what I could have done on FB. Hey, call me chicken if you like, it's ok, I can live with that pretty harmless name-calling. :))

Anyway, I thought I'd post another new photo up on this blog. I know some of you prefer to look at my blog or my photos posted on FB, so here's something new. On the other hand, this 'chicken' does not wish to bombard you senseless either with the same photos everywhere.

This new set goes up on ebay tonight with start price of US$0.99 - a very large lentil-shaped bead set. Each lentil can be used as a focal on its own, its measurement per bead is 29mm.

Fishy Business

Close up of the Fishy Business
Now, you might wonder why I make the beads into a set since each bead is more or less a focal on its own. Thing is, the story unfolds itself as a set and not as a focal. Know what I mean?

I used to love making focals when I first started lampworking. Then I got hooked on making sets as this is more challenging than a focal. Occasionally, I still make a focal or two. Here's one called Snow-Snake. It's listed on ebay till Nov 26.

Snow-Snake, 29mm focal bead

Ok, more beads to come. Have to take photos and the next lot of bead sets called 'Steel Magnolias' will be listed on my website as my monthly specials. Yes, I love that movie, don't you? Have a great weekend, all!!