Friday, October 30, 2009


Wow, October's coming to a close! I can't believe how fast the year - let's not talk about the week - is whizzing by!! I have been experimenting and toying with my glass beads this week; basically organizing myself with possible new ideas, trying to turn my visuals onto my beads. Not an easy task, I admit.

I had such a kick making the Gumball series and have continued along the same line though the beads are now bigger and lentil-shaped. I adore large beads!! The larger surface allows for better stringer control, since your arm is free to draw more naturally, like a follow-through in tennis.


UNFORGETTABLE, details/close-up


Then, as with most things, after the umpteenth bead, I decided it was time to venture into the unknown, ie I wanted to see more colors on the bead surface instead of just the stringer work on a uni-color bead. Here's the first of the series called Batik - so, why do I call them Batik? This is similar to the Malaysian batik painting where the motifs have white outlines; the outlines are actually the original fabric color, before the batik dyes are painted on, the outlines are covered with hot wax.

This set is called Batik Kebaya - Kebaya is a traditional blouse-dress combination worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore, southern Thailand and parts of Cambodia. The blouse is made from sheer material and usually worn with a sarong or batik kain panjang, or other traditional woven garment such as ikat, songket with colorful motifs.



One last bead set I'd like to share with you which I call Once A-Pond A Time - koi is very popular especially in Japan, though you would find koi fans outside of Japan who would pay lots for this species. This is my depiction of a koi pond on the beads. The beads have been simply pressed flat without any aid of a mold, again the larger plane allows better 'drawing' on it. I have basically used the same technique as the Batik beads to achieve the water-color effects.

ONCE A-POND A TIME, details/close-up

ONCE A-POND A TIME, details/close-up