Saturday, October 10, 2009


According to the American Oxford dictionary -

whimiscal: playfully quaint or fanciful, esp in an appealing and amusing way

artistic: having or revealing natural creative skill

crazy - (there are several meanings to this word which I am listing):
1. mentally deranged, esp as manifested in a wild or aggressive way; extremely annoyed and angry; foolish
2. extremely enthusiastic
3.appearing absurdly out of place or in an unlikely position

Wondering why I brought up these three words? Well, I surfed on the internet this week and came across beautiful beads - ermm, ugly ones too (pardon me for being rude, but it's really to each his own, isn't it?) - with unusual shapes, even sculptural. Some of the beads look fabulous - let's not get into the ugly ones, ok? - and believe me, making sculptural or free-formed beads are not easy, no matter how we think that 'we can all do it' since it's just an odd shape bead. These beads invite your fingers to run over them constantly as any item with textures and odd shapes tend to entice you want to touch and feel it. It is part of our human nature and instinct to feel and run our fingers over a texture and an odd shape.

So, I was wondering, are these beads whimsical, artistic or crazy? Ok, forget about the first definition of crazy - I don't suppose that many or any lampworking artists fall into this category (on the other hand, who knows?!). I shan't name the lampworkers either as the world of lampworking has its - like all other things - usual bickering among the lampworkers. I certainly do not wish to land on anyone's hate list. Anyway, here are some of my beads I made this week, however you'd like to consider them, I leave that decision up to you - though more likely than not, I fall under 2 & 3 of crazy! Have a great weekend!

Autumn Garden

It's Another Kind of Flower
This bead has enamels sprinkled on the bead.

It's Another Kind Of Flower

It's Another Kind Of Flower
Sick of seeing the similar flower motif yet?? I admit, it's difficult to pick up another color glass rod to do the flower motif - I get hooked up on using certain colors and motifs - obsession does get in the way most of the time with me.

Flame Tree
Actually, the focal bead and the 2nd bead from the right top are dark red, it looks like dark brown - I can't capture the right colors and decide not to edit it. You have to simply pretend you're seeing dark red!

It's Another Kind Of Flower
I know, I know, you're thinking - 'here she goes again with her flower motifs...' but hey, something new added to it!!

It's Another Kind Of Flower

It's Another Kind Of Flower

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I actually have not done much in between with electroforming since July as I went off to Istanbul for a two-week teaching stint. Sure bugs me not to be able to dabble with electroforming after taking the class in June. In fact, as much as I dislike admitting it, I have to start afresh again - that means, read up my notes again for the finer details of the process. Ahhh, don't I just wish I did not have the break in between. I actually bought two more rectifiers after dipping my toes in cold water, so to speak; the solo hands-on experience is quite nerve-wrecking especially when there is no one to fall back on for immediate answers. Just as all beginners make their mistakes, my first rectifier has an extra feature which I do not need and the latter two rectifiers together cost the same price as the first rectifier alone. Believe me, mistakes can sometimes be expensive!

Here is what I have done in July with electroforming my Taj series beads. The photography is done by Ralph Kerpa, who by the way does all the photography for my website. I only electroformed one half of the bead as you can see in the photos. These beads are large and serve mainly as focal beads. The copper parts have been treated with patina and a sealant as copper, like sterling silver, will oxidize. All beads have more or less the same dimensions, which is 2.5cm in diameter.

This bead has a sterling silver lining.