Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have been taking it easy with making beads over the last days - I try to keep myself balanced by both working and not working in the studio. As we all know, too much of anything can become one-sided, sometimes it may be good but most times, it could become stress. Here are a couple more new Turning Over A New Leaf beads, with all motifs in cream (aka ivory colored glass).

Two-tone in transparent teal/medium blue
4.4cm long

Opalino Pink
3.6cm long

Opaque Green
4.7cm long

Something new I tried out for the past two days - can you recognize the motifs? They are tulips - the flowers are left raised (relief) and the leaves are drawn melted down. Did you know that tulips belong to the lily family?

Black with yellow, salmon pink and dark red tulips

French Blue

I am presently caught up in using black and cream combination; the next lot of photos show the same color combination.

Size: 4.1cm long

Size: 3.9cm long

Size: 4.9cm long

Size: 3.1cm long (this bead is pressed flat)

Lentil-shaped, 2.7x3.1cm

Lentil-shaped, 2.9x3.3cm

Finally, two new illustrations from me, both drawn in black ink on 250g paper.

The Banana Tree Ghost