Saturday, September 26, 2009


Early this morning, I was very tempted to work at the torch and wasn't sure if I should do so or simply chill out for the day. My husband and I decided to get some Pampas Grass for the balcony to provide a little privacy since our apartment has lots of windows and full-length windows - at times, I feel like we're living in a goldfish bowl. Anyway, that took up the whole morning and early afternoon. So, that was it for lampworking, ie no lampworking today!

Anyway, some new beads I made yesturday with the leafy designs - you can see how terribly hung-up I am on it. But what's great is I can use glass which I had problems before; problems like the stringer work would be swallowed up by the base glass the longer the bead is exposed to the flame.

Hope you enjoy the beads and have a great weekend!

Black with ivory motif

Dark Brown with ivory motif

Watermelon with ivory motif

Petroleum Green with ivory motif

Opalino Periwinkle with ivory motif

Aloe Vera with ivory motif

Light Sky Blue with ivory motif

Terpenade with ivory motif

Grey with ivory motif

Friday, September 25, 2009


Ahhhh, I must admit - my favorite color combination is endless. Here's a necklace in transparent green and transparent amethyst with my signature 'Anna Karenina' motifs with sterling silver beads in between. Motifs are outlined in white and I have used a tone-in-tone i.e. green with green and amethyst with amethyst on each of the beads.

Sweet Temptation
50cm (20") necklace, 925 silver handmade catch
and 925 silver beads

A couple of new focal Wedgwood style beads - these were posted on Facebook and flickr yesturday. Please bear with me if you keep seeing the same photos here and on other sites.

Turning Over A New Leaf series, black with ivory motif
3.6cm long
This is my personal fav!

Turning Over A New Leaf series, grey with ivory motif
3.5cm long

Turning Over A New Leaf series, sky light blue with ivory motif
4.2cm long

Turning Over A New Leaf series, green with ivory motif
4.1cm long

Turning Over A New Leaf series, periwinkle with ivory motif
3.0cm long

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Recently when I posted up my new beads 'Turning Over A New Leaf' on Facebook, Elizabeth Ross commented that they look like Wedgwood pottery. As a result, here's what I made yesturday and may I say how pleased I am with the results. My thanks to Elizabeth for triggering the idea for me!

Turning Over A New Leaf series, Wedgwood style

Purple with ivory motif

Dark Purple with ivory motif

Caledon with ivory motif

French Blue with ivory motif