Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I saw in Istanbul

On Saturday, August 16, I went to Taksim Square in Istanbul with Tugba, who is in charge of the studio set-up at the Glass Furnace. I realized that I was the only person on campus on Friday and since the workshop began only on Sunday, I had asked the school to arrange for me to visit Istanbul. Tugba kindly escorted me there and showed me the sights of Istanbul. Forget about the typical postcard scenes and photos of Istanbul, I have captured other sights which I felt relayed the essence of Istanbul. I did not take too many typical photos since you can find them in books and picture postcards.

Side street in Istanbul city


Mobile photocopy and plastic lamination services - not kidding, this man offers photocopying and lamination services

View from Galata Tower

Turkish melon - really, I don't know what kind of melon this is. The fruit seller had explained it was a mixed kind of melon, looks like melon and tastes cucumberish.

Pomergranate, apricot and oranges

Non-Turkish women in Istanbul - in Turkey, Muslim women are not dressed in this manner at all. These women were visitors to Turkey.

I love the colors of the fruits

Vendor selling corn in Istanbul's shopping area where you would find branded good stores

Turkish sweets

Man selling plastic blow-up toys

Iznik pottery

This cat definitely has its usual cosy spot here among the antique cards and pictures. He didn't even flinch when I started taking photos of him.

Fresh fish stand, well, as fresh as one would consider this as fresh since it is out in the open and placed on top of ice cubes - this practice is typical in India, China and Asian countries.
Tugba, who is in charge of the studio set up at Glass Furnace, here at a local Nargile. We went there to enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee.
That's me, relaxing and enjoying my cup of Turkish coffee.

More to come after this weekend on Istanbul. My workshop began on Sunday and will run for two weeks. I shall have more to post soon.