Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting ready for Istanbul, Turkey

I am leaving for Istanbul very early on Friday morning and am teaching a 2-week lampworking workshop at the Glass Furnace; a glass school about 29km outside of Istanbul. This is my first time teaching at Glass Furnace. I am not sure if I shall have internet access while there but am still bringing my notebook with me. I hardly travel anywhere these days, whether on business or pleasure, without my notebook. The internet has definitely become a important communication tool for me.

This week, my husband got back to work after having his annual two-week summer vacation. We both decided to stay home this summer and enjoy our new home - we just moved in here about nine months ago. While he was home, I decided to take a break from my lampworking too. It's been a well-deserved break for both of us. Looking back, I have been off my torch for about four weeks - that is a very long time for me.

Here's a new photo of Sandy with his red chew toy - to keep him occupied, I stuff a dog biscuit into the core of the rubber toy and he has to chew on it so that the biscuit will crumble and fall out of the toy. The idea of this toy is mainly to keep dogs occupied and at the same time clean the teeth through the chewing. Oh, that is also his favorite way of taking a nap, he will 'hang' his leg on the table or chair leg. This is a new habit he has developed this year.

Some new beads I made yesturday. These beads belong to my Anna Karenina series and shall accompany me to Istanbul. My favorite colors are presently green and purple. These photos were released on my accounts on flickr and Facebook this afternoon.