Monday, June 8, 2009


Yes, I shall be leaving for Germany this afternoon. It has been a week of excitement, fun, stress and panic in Milwaukee at the Bead & Button Show. This is my third year doing this event and I am more than pleased to be included in this fabulous event where international visitors come as well to take classes and workshops, which run all week long. I taught my lampworking class yesturday while my daughter Cara manned the booth. I had such fun teaching this group - thank you, ladies, for participating in the workshop and without you, the workshop wouldn't have been possible! My sincere thanks also go to the organizers of Bead & Button and most of all, my appreciation to Lori, Craig and all the staff of Arrow Springs who ran the entire set-up for all the glass workshop. One can't imagine how much work there is for Arrow Springs, there are so many classes going on each day for the entire week and for each instructors, torches will be switched over to cater to the instructors' preference.

Unfortunately I forgot my USB cable to load photos of the event and of Milwaukee, so I have no photos for this update. I shall be back with some photos of our trip. We will be driven to O'Hare (Chicago) for our flight to Hamburg via Dusseldorf at noon for our afternoon flight. I am looking forward to eating my own cooking again!!